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When we talk about steampunk, anyone familiar with the science fiction will know what we are talking about. Steampunk originates from the steampunk movement in the science fiction world. Steampunk not only incorporates technology but also includes it in aesthetic designed, which are inspired by the industrial steam powered machines of the 19th century.

Someone from the sci-fi community coined the term steampunk, to create a distinction between him and his fellows. Eventually, the term started getting more recognition and is now a completely new visual style that aims to connect the old and the new incorporating it into a separate style 

Steampunk also incorporates many other genres such as horror or fantasy, which often puts it into a hybrid-genre. However, when we move on to steam punk fashion, it becomes a style which includes historical elements along with technological features inspired by the science fiction genre – the steampunk fashion doesn’t just include clothing, but includes makeup, hair and even a certain style that comes along with it. The whole genre has made its way into every part of the modern world including fashion, literature, films and even product design.

Steampunk is a way of lifestyle for many people, the unique do-it-all feature of steampunk is what inspires many people.