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Steampunk style, now if you know a bit about steampunk, you must be picturing petticoats, blouses, fluffy sleeves and top hats. However, steampunk style is not just one certain type of aesthetic nor just clothing, it runs from the old Victorian style to bits of the modern time – all combined in one.

One of the most prominent (read: loved) items of the steampunk fashion is a corset – it was a trendsetter of the Victorian era and is still loved and cherished as part of the steampunk style for people. The steampunk corset is not just loved for being a corset, the vintage feel, the material used and the style of the corset is what makes it so stylish.

Now, moving on to the punk aspect of the steampunk, it is important to remember that steampunk is not just about the Victorian style, it has a touch of punk which many people have played around with including multiple piercings and dyed hair! Steampunk style consists of all that one might need to style themselves; it is majorly inspired by the mid-19th century although it does have a hint of modern touch in it, which is important.