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We live in a world where we have all kinds of different people. We have people that love outdoor activities and be in the sun all day, we have the ones that are workaholics, we have the people that enjoy to travel and the ones that like to spend time with family. Everyone is different in the world but the ones that we tend to forget about sometimes are the goths. Are goths still a thing? Do they still exist?

Just because we do not see goths around quite often, it does not mean they do not exist. Goths like to have fun too. Many people do not know this simply because they do not have anything in common with the goths or try to stay away from them. Don’t get me wrong, goths will also not want to do what the majority of people prefer to do for fun but that doesn’t mean they can’t have any fun.

Goths have different preferences of hobbies and activities. For example, they have a preference in music that a lot of regular people will not have. They have a more dark music preference that describes their lives and relates to them more. It is more likely that a goth will listen to metal or punk rather than the pop music we hear trending every single day. That being said, goths will enjoy activities and events such as live music that includes their music preference. It’s been proven that goths are far more likely depressed so they express their real pain through music. A live concert of their music preference would help with their depression and that is a way to have fun and be surrounded by others like them as well. When goths become fans of a band, they feel connected in some way to their music because they relate to the lyrics quite often and feel comfortable. In a way it is a healing device. They tend to get really attached to the artist because they believe they have a connection since the artist really describes the pain the goth is going through. Goths will then attend live concerts and discover they are not the only ones having the same pain but there are many others and will feel safe.

Another way goths have fun is by writing or reading. Goths will express themselves by writing poems. This a hobby many people have and would never imagine that goths like to do this too but they have more in common with any other human than we think. While the clothes, makeup and hair might change people’s minds into thinking they should not like the same activities or hobbies that most human beings like to do, they are wrong. Goths have much more in common with a lot of us than we think. Just because we do not see it, does not mean it does exist or happen.

Goths have certain hobbies that some people might find disturbing. For example, some goths really enjoy walking in cemeteries. One of the reasons why is because goths have a dark minded soul. They enjoy a lot of things that are dark meaning they enjoy out of the ordinary things that an average human being would probably not like. The way I see it is they like to see the “beauty in darkness”. It’s amazing really. Their minds are programmed to like something that is as dark as they are. Just like an average human being will find excitement in a comedian show or a rodeo, a goth will find excitement in a cemetery. Like I mentioned before, goths enjoy reading and writing, so you might find them having a stroll at the cemetery reading or writing because they will find themselves some peace and quiet there. Also. cemeteries are found very beautiful by many goths. The scenery will have them in awe. Wether it’s the lawn that looks beautifully cut, the headstones that are perfectly aligned, they will appreciate the view.

Goths love art art as well, which is why they must love cemeteries. Many of which are emotional and depressed and tend to hurt themselves, art is a way for them to express their pain and incorporate their feelings through a painting. They either draw, paint, and express their emotions through a utensil or enjoy looking at art. One way to look at art is by witnessing other people’s art at art museums, historic museums, or witnessing other things such as beautiful landscape in the outdoors.

Sometimes goths will prefer a certain weather because of their mood. Many are a fan of the gloomy and cloudy weather. It has been proven that there are more goths and emos in the pacific northwest like Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon. They will enjoy the outdoors more if they even go outdoors. The reason being is because of their clothing preference as well. Their clothes is mostly black for one and they like to wear a lot of layers. Pale skin is not good for the sun so that is something to consider when thinking if goths enjoy having fun in the sun because they will not. Goths will not have fun in a location where it is sunny so they will try to avoid it.

Lastly, if it’s not obvious, goths like to dress up for fun. Goths love to dress up so they think “why not dress up every day?”. Not only are they expressing themselves through fashion but they are dressing the way they are. Most dress in black because they have a dark humor and enjoy dark things. Just like someone that enjoys a profession that is business like, dresses with a suit and tie. Goths think of themselves as dressing in costume every day because it’s fun and it’s normal to them. Much like Halloween, whereas people dress in a costume to pretend to be a different character or a superhero, monster, princess etc. goths dress the way that they do because they are simply modifying themselves to be the character that they wish to be perceived as.