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Many Goths choose to be secular. They do not allow any religion, cult or belief to influence their lives. They believe that any religion would limit their individual freedom. Therefore, they prefer to ignore all beliefs and religions and be faithful only to themselves. This stance allows them to relate to people of all religions, as they do not subscribe to any cult.

Atheism and Agnosticism

Gothic people are rebels by nature, therefore many of them do not believe in anything. They see religions as systems of social control to which they do not want to belong. Some Goths are atheists, meaning that they do not believe in the existence of any deity. They claim that if God existed there would not be so much suffering in the world. Therefore, they also do not believe in the existence of heaven, purgatory or hell.

Other Gothics are agnostics, i.e. they think that human beings cannot determine the existence of God by themselves, nor can they determine his non-existence. Therefore, they neither affirm nor deny the existence of God.

Multiple beliefs

Many people mistakenly believe that all Goths follow satanic cults, that is not so. Within the Gothic universe you can find Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and also some Gothic follow Satanist cults, but not all of them. Being Gothic is a lifestyle, but it is not required to follow any particular religion. Generally, Goths lead a normal life: work, study, social gatherings, etc. They simply dress in a particular way, listen to certain music and have a very particular outlook on life. However, in their private life, each goth follows the religion that best suits them.


Some Goths do not follow any religion since they prefer to develop their spirituality away from any dogma. Many of them follow the New Age movement, which assures that Good and Evil is within each individual. They tend to be vegan or vegetarian, do not drink alcohol and have a great respect for nature.

Some Goths choose to follow Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Both religions believe in the existence of karma, reincarnation and the union of soul mates, among other ideas. They cultivate inner peace and are happy through the beliefs they choose to adopt.

Wicca religion

Some Gothic people feel identified with the Wicca religion. This cult consists of a Great Goddess and a Great Witch God, in addition to many other deities of lesser hierarchy. The Wicca religion encourages believers to do good, because everything one does comes back to oneself in triplicate. This cult believes that each individual can manipulate his or her earthly reality according to his or her will, through magic and various rituals. They love and respect nature. Most of their ceremonies are performed outdoors. The Goths who are faithful to the Wicca cult are extremely reserved, since this religion demands discretion and privacy from its followers.


Some few Goths follow the satanic cult. They worship Lucifer and belong to the Satanic Church. The Goths attend satanic masses where blood covenants are made, devilish oaths are sworn and satanic texts are read. This type of Goths believe in the total freedom of the human being, which should not be limited by any external factor. They believe that each individual should free his or her instincts and should not be punished for it. Each individual is an intelligent being who deserves to live his life as he sees fit.

Gothic Satanism

Within the Goth world there is a religion called Gothic Satanism, which manifests a particular lifestyle. This philosophy of life asserts that today’s society is oppressive and does not allow the individual to manifest himself as he is. That is why many Goths prefer to live on the fringes, away from the established norms. They are deeply individualistic and emphasize values such as tolerance, diversity and individual creativity. The Goths who live on the margins do not suffer for having such a lifestyle. They prefer to live that way rather than submit to social mandates.

Goths and death


The Goths have a very special relationship with death, whether they are atheists, secular or religious. No other urban tribe is as aware of death as the goths. They know that from the moment an individual is born, each day that passes brings him closer to death. The Goths have a strong bond with death. They use skulls as decorative objects, visit cemeteries and think about death every day. For them death is the only certainty that life has and they do not feel any fear at the thought of it. They believe that each individual must be true to himself in order to enjoy life. Therefore, there is no need to fear death if one has experienced the life he/she wanted to live.

Final thoughts

Within the gothic world there is a great diversity of cults, religions and beliefs. Likewise, many goths are secular, atheist or agnostic. This reality negates the widespread belief that all Goths are satanic. The truth is that some few Goths are Satanic, but not all. Some goths follow the Wiccan religion, which bases its precepts on magic, occultism and the power of nature. They are very secretive about this religion, since this cult obliges them to sign an oath of confidentiality.

The Goths do not fear death. They are aware that we are all going to die, so they prefer to take it easy.