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No matter what time of year it is, skulls can be great decorations for your home. It doesn’t need to be Halloween to enjoy the aesthetic of a skull. They can add a creepy, gothic, or even beautiful aesthetic to any part of your home. It can stand as a centrepiece for a room or as a decoration for your office desk. If you would like a skull for your home, keep reading. Here are five recommendations for skull decorations to characterize your home: 


Atrocity 37.5 cm


This atrocity makes a bold artistic statement by depicting four skulls held up by a spine. It is a lamp that will grab anyone’s attention. With skulls as a lampshade and a human spine cast as the stem, this lamp will be a talking point in your home. Despite appearances, it is not made from bone but made from the finest resin. This work of art is nicely crafted and carefully hand-painted. It is a masterpiece that is sure to make your friends jealous. The cost is definitely worth it. It comes with a United Kingdom plug, so people from all over Britain can enjoy this skull decoration. The weight of this item, along with its flat and sturdy base, is great to showcase upon a table or flat surface.  


Diabolus Door Knocker 25 cm


Ever wanted one of those door knockers often seen in one of those horror films? If you’re like me, you’ll definitely appreciate the beauty of this skull door knocker. It has an authentic gothic horror look to it, which can make your house the true house of horrors on any stormy night. Looking into the eyes of this skull, you can almost see the devil himself looking back. It goes to show how much of a masterpiece this door knocker is. It is made from a mix of the finest resin and iron, with an antique gold finish that gives it that baroque look. Carefully hand-painted, a lot of care has gone into this door knocker to make it look perfect for your home. 


Et Alas Mortis Tankard 16 cm


Great for both hot drinks and cold. This tankard can hold any drink you’d like. It will make a great addition to your home. It has a leather wrap encircling the handle to protect you and give you a great grip. The handle itself is made from a strong metal, which gives this tankard some durability. The tankard features a winged skull with a sword sticking through the middle. Upon the background is a shield and elaborate baroque leaves surround it. The tankard is made from high-quality resin, which has been carefully hand-painted. The tankard is light, only weighing 0.62 kg. It is a great buy, no matter of occasion. 


Memento Mori Wallet


This next item is not so much for use at home but is perfect while you’re out and about. It is a black leather wallet, which is not extravagant but stylish and practical. Embroidered with a sinister skull, this wallet has plenty of space within to hold what you need. It has plenty of room to hold cards and money, along with a zipped compartment for loose objects such as coins. It may not be an item that draws a lot of attention like some others on this list, but it is a great item for a skull decoration. 


Six Shooter Skulls 10 cm (set of 6)


If you’re having a party or gathering, why not show off with this set of six-shooter skulls? You can drink with style with your friends and family with these shot glasses. While you may be drunk while using these, they are still hand-painted with care and to perfection. They come as a set of six glasses. The set also includes a stone plinth to set your glasses upon, giving you a flat surface where you can see every cup. The cups are made from glass, and the skulls are made from fine cast resin. Each one is 10 cm, which is the perfect size for a small shot of your favourite drink. They can be yours to buy and enjoy with a few simple clicks of a button and a purchase price.


Celtic Opulence 11.8 cm


If you have a lot of things you value, you could also try this trinket box. The trinket box is black and embellished with interlacing Celtic knots. A golden skull sits like a crown on top. He makes the perfect protector for all your precious valuables. The box has plenty of space for whatever you want to store inside, and yet it remains stylish. It makes a perfect fit for any bedroom table, mantlepiece, or dining room. It has been affectionately hand-painted so that you get the best quality. It definitely makes the best present for yourself or a friend.


Kabuto Skull 26.6 cm


This is a wall plaque depicting a skull of a samurai performing a war cry. It includes the full samurai helmet with horns adorning the top. The whole thing is made from top-quality polyresin, with a weight of 1.3kg. The art piece has been painted by hand and every detail has been thought out. It is something worthy to be a centrepiece of any room in your house, to inspire terror or awe. I feel this item captures the past perfectly, as if it were haunted by a ghost of a true samurai. It is definitely a product worth purchasing.


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