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In mythology and folklore, owls are symbols of wisdom and prophecies. The owl is the sacred animal of the Greek goddess Athena. And the Indians used a carved image of an owl to protect them from water monsters. Meanwhile, feng-shui believers claim that owls are a source of good energy in career, education, and creativity. They’re also regarded as a source of protection from bad luck.

Over the years, owls stayed as a staple in modern storytelling and media. We have beloved owl characters that we know and adore, such as Owl from Winnie the Pooh and Hedwig from Harry Potter. Most of these depictions have stayed relatively positive.

So it’s no surprise that you know somebody who is a big fan of owls. Maybe you yourself are an owl-lover. If you can’t get enough of this bird of the night, then you are in luck. We have the top 5 owl decorations that can liven up your residence. Show your love for owls in the comfort of your home.

1 A 10cm Steampunk Owl Statue

Are you someone who is a big fan of sci-fi and steampunk? Then this adorable steampunk owl statue is perfect for you! This mini, 10cm bird is the perfect addition to your shelf, vanity, or office desk. It has the hallmark of the steampunk style, including a bronze color palette and a gear-based design. And for only £15.99, this little fella can be sitting on your home today. So bring out your fantasies with this steampunk owl statue.

2 This 60cm Owl Wall Decoration

Is your wall a little bland? Then maybe this 60cm owl wall decoration can liven things up. This white owl is perched on a leather-bound book and has its wings spread wide apart. And that fierce look in its eyes can drive any intruders away. This owl decoration can be a little bit big, but it can fit perfectly on the mantle of your living room or as wall decor in your bedroom. And its snowy white feathers can make you feel like you’re living in Hogwarts again. For only £39.99, you can have this guardian owl guarding the top of your headboard.

3 What About this Owl Clock Art

Every house needs a clock somewhere. But if you’re tired of your everyday analog clock, then you might want to consider this tickin-hootin owl clock. This gorgeous owl clock looks like it came straight out of a fantasy world. And for only £54.99, you too can complete your owl-theme steampunk room. But it isn’t only for aesthetics. It can also definitely tell you what time it is. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back a few centuries with its beautiful analog design. Just make sure you don’t lose track of time while staring at this attractive owl clock art.

4 Or a Polyresin Sand Timer

Contrary to reading the time with a clock, you can count the hours with this polyresin owl sand timer. This intricate sand timer has two owls adorning both sides. It’s the perfect home decor for anyone who practices Wicca. This timer may not be for everyone. But if you are an owl-loving witch, then maybe you might find this a nice addition to your coven. Alternatively, you can maybe use it while you play some board games with your friends. It’s a great conversation starter for any party, especially for any owl fanatics. Buy this owl sand timer for only £39.99.

5 And Finally, This Adorable Owl Figurine

Last but not least: Adorn your bedroom’s side table with this cute owl figurine. For only £17.99, you can have this little friend sitting next to you. Feel inspired by its adventurer looks. This polyresin bird can make your room feel cozy and delightful. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry. If you think your owls need a new pal, partner them up with this mini owl figurine.

Can’t Get Enough of Owls? Here are Some Honorable Mentions

Do you want more owls for your collection? We hear you. These are some honorable mentions that you can still purchase today. You simply can’t have too much owl decorations.

An Owl Purse

This is not necessarily a house decoration. But any owl-lover can’t resist having this in their hands. This owl purse can keep all your belongings safe and secure. For only £21.99, you can keep your cash and IDs guarded, all the while looking fabulous. Hit the town with this owl purse, and never worry about where your keys are.

This 22.7cm Hottle Statue

We can’t end this list without adding something steampunk to it. This £26.99 owl statue is a great companion on your computer desk. You can squeeze it in with your other owl figurines. It’s handpainted with intricate designs and cast in the finest, durable resin. It’s hard not to buy this loveable figurine. Who can say no to those big gear eyes and bronze top hat? If you want more owls for your shelf or table, then this one is for you.

What Owl You Waiting for?

These home decorations are the finest options for any owl-lover out there. Plus points if you are into magic, steampunk, and fantasy. These owls can be your new best friends in your otherwise boring home. They can make any room feel more magical the second you place them in.

Owls are a great reminder of wisdom and protection. For many religions, the owl is a sign of good luck and knowledge. But even if you’re not in touch with your spiritual side, these owls still look cool in your house.

So what are you waiting for? Make your place an owl sanctuary today by getting these must-have owl decorations. They can bring the enchanted side into your home and your life.