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Got someone special in your life who is into alchemy?

You find them on the roof at night gazing up at the stars trying to work out Mankind’s place in the cosmos. If they aren’t up on the roof, they are down in the cellar, surrounded by glass jars with labels like “saltpetre”, “cinnabar” and “sal ammoniac.” On the kitchen table, sprawled out amongst the newspapers and home and garden magazines, there are leather-bound tomes with titles like “Transmutation For Beginners” and “The Elixir of Life.”

This special someone of yours has a special day coming up and it is pretty obvious that a bunch of flowers isn’t going to do the job. What gift do you give this lover of alchemy?

Well, we are glad you asked because we have the perfect gifts, ready and waiting.

1: Drink Me Ceramic Bottle

This beautiful ceramic bottle is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. White, 25.8cm high, with a hand-painted blue label that has the words “Drink Me” written on it in black, this striking piece of drinkware is crowned with one of the cutest stoppers anyone could wish for. It is a chubby little spider, perched on a chequered ball and wearing a crown. Perfect.

Distinctive, stylish, and desirable, this bottle is sure to get attention in the office, turn heads out in the park and give your special someone happiness every time they take a swig from it.


SKU D4569N9
Weight 0.72kg
Material Dolomite
Barcode 801269132446
Buy Here Drink Me 25.8CM

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2: Witches Aperitif Mug

No one enjoys a brew or two more than an alchemist lover and when that brew is served up in this very special mug it is going to taste, well, magic!

Standing 14,5cm high, this white, ceramic mug is a must-have for your alchemist special someone.

The label is downright eye-catching. Its black lettering declares the mug to be “Magical Item #15.” Slide your gaze down from this and you will read, “Witches Aperitif, Fermented Bats, Slug and Jiggers Apothecary, Wicked Brew Co, EST 1691.” Funkiest label ever!

There isn’t a single alchemist out there who wouldn’t appreciate getting this mug as a gift and even for the people who don’t dabble in the occasional bit of transmutation of matter, this mug is definitely a winner.


3: Poison Mug

No gift quite says “I love you” like this poison mug.

High-quality white ceramic, it is 14.5cm high and has a nice, minimalistic elegance to it. A black skull wearing a crown sits smiling on the side of the mug with the word “poison,” slightly gothic and in capital letters, emblazoned underneath.

Black coffee, strong tea, cocoa; no matter what your beverage of choice happens to be, drinking it from this mug will always be a dark pleasure.

The phrase “what’s your poison” will take on a whole new, tantalisingly gothic meaning when your alchemist loving special someone offers you your next drink.


4: Poison Potion Bottle

We’ve all got a dark side and a little bit of the alchemist in us. When it comes to the perfect gift, this gorgeous, potion bottle ticks a lot of wicked boxes.

Black ceramic with a crystal ball stopper makes this a very striking piece of drinkware. The label has an aged, parchment look to it. Topped by a pentagram and with a skull and crossbones lurking at the bottom, the writing on the label announces that it hearkens from the Black Cat Apothecary, established in 1654. Underneath this writing can be seen a very elegant black cat strolling across the word “Poison.” Under this, the words “A sinful synthesis of Bittersweet Nightshade, the sap of Desert-Rose, leaves of Hemlock, petals of Moonflower and the roots of Mandrake.” Oh so wickedly delicious.

At 19cm high and weighing in at 220 grams, this flask really does look like it has just been taken off the shelf of a dark, mysterious apothecary. It truly is the perfect gift for alchemist lovers.


5: Wolfsbane Potion Bottle

Aconitum napellus, more commonly known as Wolfsbane, although beautiful to look at, contains a deadly neurotoxin. Got a werewolf that needs taking out? Well, pop a bit of Wolfsbane on the tip of your arrow and you are good to go.

This fetching black ceramic bottle has a crystal ball stopper and stands at 19cm high. It would look right at home on the shelf of a dusty old apothecary, a witches coven, or wrapped up in black tissue paper, ready to be given as a gift to your favourite alchemist.

The label on the bottle looks old, elaborate and mysterious. It features a handsome, howling wolf on the bottom and a pentagram surrounded by the triple moon at the top. The enticing script reads, “The Three Eyed Ravens, Est 1781, Potions & Poisons, Wolfsbane Potion No. 27, Best to use before a Full Moon.”

Now, it is best that Wolfbane not be put into this enchanting bottle, (even touching the plant can be risky). Maybe a good, malt whiskey would be a better candidate, or perhaps some holy water. Even just leaving it empty on a shelf is going to value-add to the home of the alchemist lucky enough to receive this as a gift. Whatever this bottle’s destiny, just remember to caution the receiver of this very special gift to make sure they use it before that full moon comes around!

The word “alchemy” conjures up romantic images for most of us of deliciously dark and dusty rooms, lined with shelves of bottles and jars filled with all the treasures and artifacts of the natural world. Bubbling cauldrons, liquid mercury, ravens perched in the rafters watching their alchemist masters and mistresses practicing their ancient craft as sunlight shafts through the smoke-filled room. These top five gifts for alchemist lovers fit these images perfectly. Whether it be sipping a hot, dark brew from the Witches Aperitif Mug or taking the supremely cool Drink Me Ceramic Bottle for a run through the park, these beautiful and atmospheric gifts are sure to please even the most exacting alchemist lover in your life.