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Being Creative is the real role of a human being. The Almighty God has given us power to create new ideas, things, etc. Here  develops Steampunk, shows the ancient feeling and creative behviour.

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If you are just going to make DIY Steampunk craft projects, we will help you to make this easier.
It is the DIY nature and personalization of objects that make Steampunk attractive. Steampunk allows for people to stand out with a sense of flair.

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1.    Polymer Clay

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If  you are a beginner but wants to create something this is for you, the easiest and simplest steampunk craft. Anybody at any level can make it.

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  1. Arrange Polymer Clay and give desirable shape to it as in picture like moon, sun , etc.
  2. After giving a definite and desirable shape let it be left for an hour. Before it get set make some hollow portion from the middle of the shape.
  3. Now insert snipart and color it to look ancient and marvelous pic.
  4. Here was the idea now you can make different types of shapes with clay and just rock.

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2. Altered Bottle

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If you have bottles in your hand and want to throw it, stop keep it safe, let see what we can make from it. An ancient collection of steampunk craft is being ready for you.

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  1. Arrange a small bottle as shown in the above the image.
  2. Role it by tape and glue it now attach some decorating material to it, t-shirts bottom can be.
  3. Now color it with brown and black give it an ancient retro look and also use finnabar wax bronze age to get the proper shine of the bottle. It really looks to much beautiful .
  4. Decorate it where you live most, this going to be really a differential collection. You can also use other type of bottles of your own choice.

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3.    Money Box

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Storing money is favorite of all, everybody wants to store money, if you are looking for a Steampunk  Money Box, you are at the right place, we are going to know how one can design these wonderful looking moneybox in few steps.

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  1. First just go to market and bring a square wooden hollow block with a small hole.
  2. Put snipart chip boards and make sketch of it on the box with help of pencils
  3. Now add and glue some snipart clock materials and paint it in blue, let it be dry
  4. After that put finnabar wax to it and color it in brown. It will look awesome. Now you can save your money in historical way.

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4.   Pipe Lamp

It is somehow more better than others, this a good project at beginner level  very simple but very impressive. You just need plastic pipe material like elbows, pipes, etc. from market and simply just join it one by one and get the final outputs.

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  1. You should have different plastics material as you wish purchase it from the shop.
  2. Now this time is to give them a proper shape from joining the pipe with help of jointers and elbows.
  3. Arrange a Small plastic lamp from the market and give a proper set to it.
  4. Now the color it and you will not believe what you have made seriously, this is going to be a perfect lamp for you from now it looks very retro. This is an extreme level of steampunk projects.

5.    Altered Frame

This is a differential pic if you are really interested in steampunk projects, this will help you, let see how, if you have collections of your grandmother’s and grandfather’s photos its time to make them better. We are going to make a DIY beautiful looking steampunk altered frame from some snipart chip boards.

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  1. Arrrange some keys, silver painted metallic material, golden painted metallic materials and a beautiful frame box.
  2. Now color it black and again glue all the material to it to provide it a better stand.
  3. Now color these material with some of silver and some of gold, put the keys and leafs in a proper order avoid any little mistake, keep it properly, now add finnabar wax to it for the ancient glow and
  4. Make it a little brownish. Let it be dry, in this way we had made it now you can add your photo inside it, to make you feel better. Your Altered Frame is just Ready to view.


This was a little article about top 5 easy DIY Steampunk Craft Projects  ideas for Beginners. Never let your creativity be down, enhance it always a little bit with virtualization. Think in a smart way and always stay with your first choice. Steampunk Craft ideas are realistic view of new world with instance presence of history. It is the big journey of time, making past and future be together. This was some ideas we have shared with you to enhance your virtualization capability towards steampunk crafts. These crafts are so easier to make which encourages our corage.