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The secret to creating, attaining, or having a happy home stems down to infusing or gathering all the little things and details that make you smile. Whether it has to be the theme of your house or the furniture you wish to put into use or display as a collection of memorabilia, you really have to make sure that every corner sparks joy to your house! This is why we have got you covered with good and fresh ideas for happy decorating! If you are a huge fan of Baphomet-themed decorations, then these mystical products are for you! Here are the top five Baphomet home decorations you could consider looking at for a Baphomet-styled household, all of these are curated for your convenience as you choose which part of your spaces you would prefer to see soon! Happy shopping!

TOP 1: Baphomet Head Red Pentagram Hanging Decorative Ornament 9.5cm: – Buy this at Best Home Decor


This Baphomet Hanging Ornament has a weight of 0.08 kg, made with Polyresin. It has an exclusive design and is carefully crafted hand-painted. This design came from the twisted minds of this brand’s in-house design time. This product features a red background that sits a pentagram, covered by a head of a triple-horned Sabbatic Goat. On its head, a pentagram is raised and the words Solve’ and Coagula’ adorn the circular base. It is well cast in the finest high quality of resin before carefully and creatively hand-painted, this product would be perfect for any Gothic home!

TOP 2: Occult Baphomet Head Oil Burner 13.5cm – Buy this at Best Home Decor

Baphomet Head Oil Burner Occult Fragrance Wiccan Witchcraft 13.5cm

This Baphomet Oil Burner sits between the Baphomet heads, above a burning tea light while forming a plinth in which three Baphomet heads are standing to the greatest attention. The pentagram that is protruded from their heads while their horns for the perfect base for a small glass oil-burning dish is also hand-crafted well and hand-painted, making it one-hundred and one perfect for your Gothic collections!

TOP 3: Exclusive Triple Horn Baphomet Wallet – Buy this at Best Home Decor


This Baphomet Wallet is very stylish and very practical because it has multiple slots for cards and cash. Plus, if you love silver chains, this one’s for you! It is made with premium quality! It features a decorated head of a tripe-horned Sabbatic Goat with a pentagram raised from its skull, this piece is perfect for those who really need a balance in their lives! Underneath the head, is a five-pointed pentagram surrounded by patterns! Above it, a well-built pair of skulls sits perfectly below while two King cobras are poised to attack. This product is very good if you want to have a money-safe wallet!

TOP 4: Bronzed Baphomet Occult Sabbatic Goat Large Figurine 38cm – Buy this at Best Home Decor



This bronzed mystical Baphomet figurine is 38 cm in size, and made with the finest quality of Polyresin! It is also part of the wholesale Gothic giftware collection! It features a rested decorated plinth, the globe of the earth represents the Baphomet’s saeta. Sitting cross-legged on top of the planet, the Baphomet will be sin seated, thus symbolizing the sum total of the universe. Its legs ending in cloven hooves, the staff of Asclepius rises from their crotch. The right arm is raised in a word solve written on their forearm, while their left arm is stretched downwards and outwards invitingly, forearm bearing the word coagula. It also displays a triple-horned goat’s head that looks forward while their wings stretch out behind them.

TOP 5: Lockable Red Leather Baphomet Embossed Journal – Buy this at Best Home Decor


This Baphomet Leather is made with guaranteed creative minds and twisted imaginations by this brand’s very own in-house design team! This product is the alternative to the leather journal that is at Nemesis Now’s Premium high-quality alternative giftware collection. The very cover of this chic and sleek journal perfect for your Gothic needs and taste is carefully decorated with the head of a triple-horned Sabbatic Goat with a pentagram highly raised through its skull. Below its head, there rests a five-pointed pentagram, this time, it is surrounded with high and intricate patterns. On top of it, a pair of crescent moons sit below it, while the heads of two King cobras are very well poised to attack! This product is nicely made with the highest-quality paper and has a leather-bound front cover that presents a one bronze metal clasp.


Now that we have come through the top five lists of best Baphomet home decorations from Nemesis, how do you come to a decision? Which of the following are you most drawn to? Better ready your carts and grab this now at nemesisnow.com! Hurry before it’s too late to attain that house goal design you can achieve! Remember, Nemesis has been devoted throughout their product journey, so worrying would just cause you to delay in having the home decoration you desire! All of these products curated are well-designed concepts, they are all hand-painted in hand detail, with lots of techniques the final product actually brings to life the vision you want! So, what are you waiting for? It is time to put your house to complete make-over! Make sure to never miss out on any of these products! Who knows? You might just be even more fantasized with these products that can offer so much more for your comfort, and home aesthetics.