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Do you need a gift for an important wiccan or witch in your life? If you do not practice yourself, it can be difficult to know where to start. Even if you are a fellow practitioner, it is often hard to find just the right present. Here is the list of the top five gifts we would recommend for wiccans and witches of any skill level or tradition.

1. Tree of Life Tankard:



In wicca and witchcraft, the Tree of Life is an important symbol. It stands for longevity, wisdom, and rebirth. It is a reminder of the interconnected nature of all things. The Tree of Life represents the bond between the physical realm we are rooted in and the spiritual realm we reach for and branch out into. The beautifully crafted images on the sides of this tankard help remind practitioners of these messages whenever they use it. The Tree of Life is particularly meaningful to wiccans and witches that have Celtic heritage or who practice Celtic traditions. This tankard is made from high quality bronze resin fashioned to look like wood, and it features a stainless steel insert for dishwasher safe cleaning. If the wiccan or witch you are shopping for drinks ale or beer, a tankard is the recommended drinking vessel. It can even make a non-alcoholic soda look fancier.

2. Tree of Life Goblet:


Wine is specifically called for in many ceremonies and celebrations in wicca and witchcraft, particularly those that occur around the time grapes are harvested. A goblet is an elegant way to drink wine, although it is also a fun option for non-alcoholic options like water or juice. This goblet is crafted from stainless steel and resin, formed into the shape of a hand painted tree. In the branches of the tree, there are gemstones, stars, and a crescent moon. The moon brings its spiritual energy with it. The roots form a intricate network, representing the connection between all people through love, peace, and harmony. On a practical note, the stainless steel makes this an easy to clean addition to any kitchen. Depending on what the style is of the wiccan or witch you know, this is a nice alternative to the tankard also listed.

3. White Spirit Board Embossed Purse:


A spirit board is often more commonly referred to as a Ouija board, although it has also been called a talking board. While it has a dark reputation amongst the general public, it symbolizes a powerful connection between the living and the dead for wiccans and witches. This stylish purse features a traditional spirit board on both sides, and it clasps with a planchet shaped snap. The embossing gives the purse texture and depth. The inside is decorated with suns and moons. There are small nooks for cards and a pocket that zips up – perfect for coins or other small items. This gift would be a good fit for a witch or wiccan who is particularly interested in contacting the “other side;” it also is perfect for those who appreciate fashion and like to be show off their unique style. As the meaning behind a spirit board is widely known, it can also be a fitting gift for a more casual practitioner.

4. Wheel of the Year Plaque:



The Wheel of the Year functions as a symbolic calendar for wiccans and witches; it represents the cycle of time and marks the eight major pagan holidays of the year. This plaque features engravings along the outside that relate to the meaning behind each holiday; for example, Yule is represented by holly, Ostara by birds eggs in a nest, and Samhain by pumpkins. On each of the eight spokes is the name of a holiday: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, and Mabon. This plaque is made of high quality resin and hand painted. It is 25 cm (10 in), so it will fit well with most . If the wiccan or witch likes to celebrate the traditional holidays, this is the gift for them. Samhain is celebrated from the evening of October 31st to the evening of November 1st, and it is considered the start of the new year for practitioners of witchcraft and wicca. This would be an excellent time to give this gift; that being said, it is a wheel for a reason. Years and seasons connect fluidly together in an unending cycle, so it is not necessary to wait for a particular time to give this as a gift.

5. Bronze Pan Statue:



The natural world is an important aspect in witchcraft and for wiccans, and Pan is the god of the wild. He is also the god of the nature of mountain wilds and rustic music. If the person you are getting the gift for is outdoorsy, this statue is a perfect gift. Pan is traditionally a Greek god, so it is also a good fit for the wiccan or witch in your life with Greek heritage or who practices Greek traditions. This statue is 30.5 cm (12 in). This is a perfect size: it is small enough to incorporate into an altar or desk, but it is also big enough to stand alone as a decoration. In this statue, Pan is featured in his satyr form, with the head and torso of a human but the legs and horns of a goat. He is sitting on a moss rock, and he has his iconic pan flute with him, ready to play a tune.

Hopefully, this quick list has helped you get an idea of gifts for wiccans and witches. While we have included some ideas of who might especially appreciate the symbolism behind these gifts, there is a lot of crossover between different branches of wicca and witchcraft – so remember those are only suggestions and a practitioner of any tradition will appreciate any of these thoughtful gifts. If something caught your eye, all of these gifts can be found on Nemesis Now. Still looking for that perfect gift? Nemesis Now’s Witchcraft Collection