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If you are highly hooked on the fantasy world or are you one of those people who are darkly inclined? People, who like spooky stuff? Who wears black and reads horror stories?! What about listening to dark or emotional music, and wish it were always Halloween?! These Nemesis collectibles are the right ones for you! Take a look at all these products and who knows! You might grab one of these products for they look great online but even better in person, they are super attractive! Plus, they are finely sculpted, these hand-painted products are a real centerpiece for any Gothic collector out there or fans at home, in the office, or even at school! All these products will add a splash in any personality and individuality to any bat cave or fairy real addict! We have our full range of innovative and captivating products displayed in their full glory just for you! Take a look at these top 5 reaper gift ideas we have curated just for your convenience!

TOP 1: Game Over Tankard – Spiral Gothic Game Over Reaper Tankard:


This game over tankard – spiral gothic game over reaper tankard is beautifully, perfectly executed, and immortalizing the game over art. It is cast in the finest resin and lovingly hand-painted with stainless steel. Its weight is 1 kilogram. It hugely offers a sophisticated darkly gothic style that suits your dark edge taste. For the past 20 years, it has been a go-to item for any gothic lover! It is very devilish in artworks, and it brings them to life for display in your households! This game-over art transformed into a sophisticated crafted tankard just made for you. A pair of armored skeletal knuckles, with the words ‘Game Over’ is carved deeply into the bone, and creatively emerged from the body of this tankard draped in cool chains. Before being expertly hand-painted, this piece has stainless steel that is carefully inserted for ease of cleansing making it perfect for gothic lovers! Get this now! Hurry!

TOP 2: Darkest Hour 28cm – Darkest Hour Wall Hanging Grim Reaper Clock


This wall-hanging grim reaper clock is cast in the finest resin and expertly hand-painted, making it look classy! It also has 1 keyhole that is specially made on the reverse for hanging. This gothic clock is available as part of Nemesis’ Alator alternative high-value collection. Laughing mockingly from beneath its hanging black robe is this grim reaper that clutches a gold and brown clock in its skeletal hands. Yay! Get this now to perfectly hang on any wall of your cozy home, this Gothic clock is carefully hand-painted and made just for you and your Gothic-style needs! Get this now! Hurry!

TOP 3: The Evil Subject 20cm


This evil subject in the size of 20 cm is weighted 0.92 kilograms and its material is made of polyresin. This product shows an illustration of a dark reaper that rests, knelt down while bowing his hooded head, his arms is raised upwards as if it is in submission. In his very timid grasp, a small blade rests which can be used to open your most precious mail. His black cloak drapes down, hiding his skeletal face, offering this figure a sinister aura. This collectible is cast in the finest resin before being hand-painted, this is the perfect missing piece that you should welcome in addition to any Gothicfied home or office! Get this now! Hurry!

TOP 4: Reapers Prayer Candle Holder 19.5cm


TOP 5: Welcome To Hell 25cm – Welcome To Hell Skeleton Grim Reaper Hanging Sign



This welcome to hell measured in 25 cm welcome to hell skeleton grim reaper hanging sign is perfect for any Gothic-styled home. It is lovingly and carefully made with the finest resin and hand-painted with creativity! It is time to liven up any of your walls with this Gothic Reaper Wall Plaque. Featuring the words ‘Welcome to Hell’, this Reaper has guided you through purgatory to your new home. Get this now! Hurry!

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