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Often times, people think about steampunk in the general sense of Victorian era and modern technology, so why steampunk? The steampunk in the name itself is an extension/modification of the cyberpunk genre, from where it has evolved and grown into what steampunk is. It has roots that go back to the punk music, steampunk most of the times features one-of-a-kind, unique and handcrafted materials in the style just as the punk genre did to music and fashion.

The punk genre consists of unique elements, which have seeped into the steampunk genre as well.

Many have argued that the punk part stems from the Do-It-Yourself attitude that comes with the steampunk genre, where a person modifies the style to its own touch. Throughout the Victorian era and the adaptation of it into the steampunk, fashion overlaps with many elements of the punk genre that in turn makes the steampunk genre, an aesthetic style followed by hundreds of people!