Steampunk styling and fashion has never been just about clothing, it includes all aspects of an individual to make it into a unique style. Corsets, blouses, hats, makeup and even hair – all of these make up for a steampunk styled person.

Now, when we talk about wanting to incorporate steampunk into everyday wear, there are some things to note. If you are good with handy-work, it might be best to DIY, it keeping the essence of the idea alive – stores have many vintage pendants that can be used in a dress. Incorporating corsets into a gown for a party is the most steampunk style you can go for if you want that.

Apart from clothing, shoes are also a big part of any outfit. There is a lot you can do with shoes to incorporate them in your steampunk style – fabrics such as lace, weather and wool. Accessorizing to fit your steampunk aesthetic is also quite easy, things like chains, Victorian charms and watch works all in a simple way, looking for brass-tone jewelry such as pocket watches might also fit best with steampunk aesthetic style. 

An example of what you could be wearing a simple flowy lace dress with a corset with chunky brassy jewelry!