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Steampunk Clock – Octoclock 26cm Octoclock Steampunk Octopus Squid Wall Clock


  • SKU:U4765P9
  • Weight:1.033330kg
  • Material:Polyresin
  • Barcode:801269134617
  • Packaging:Brown Box

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If you want to take your clock style and design to another level, you should certainly consider Octoclock Steampunk Octopus Squid Wall Clock. It is completely different from your average clock. In fact, this clockwork cephalopod is casted in a durable resin before it is given a bronze finish and hand-painted. If we talk about its appearance, it is sitting on dry land. The bulbous head of octopus is implanted with a large clock face made up of brass and it is textured with pipes and rivets. In addition to it, a pair of brass goggles tend to cover two menacing eyes that stare without blinking. The whole body is covered with small screws and gears.
Below these screws are eight tentacles that coil and twist that are searching for a victim. It would not be wrong to say that this figurine is perfect for any person who is interested in steampunk fiction. It can not only add value to your decoration but it can also serve as an incredible gift. You can give it to any person who likes marine life and is intrigued by the steampunk genre. Furthermore, it is quite easy to replace the batteries.