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Steampunk Beaky Plague Doctor Bust Figurine Nemesis Now New Boxed Ornament


  • SKU:D5063R0
  • Weight:1.083330kg
  • Material:Polyresin
  • Barcode:801269137526
  • Packaging:Brown Box

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Steampunk Beaky Plague Doctor Bust Figurine has the potential of being quite a fascinating addition to your steampunk figurine collection. Dr Beak donned a long coat, mask, hat, and gloves for protecting himself from the deadly disease. It should be noted that other plague doctors existed throughout Europe and they offered medical advice about different preventative measures that could be utilised for fighting the disease. If you are fan of Dr Beak design then you should certainly consider this figurine.
Our designers decided to combine the style and design of steampunk genre with the unique visual appearance of Dr Beak’s uniform. If we talk about the appearance of figurine, the doctor is resting on a bronzed cog and the bust itself seems to be casted in bronze. In fact, it strikes you as being bolted and welded together. It has this unique attractiveness that is not possessed by your average figurines. Just by looking at it, you will be captivated by it. It is made up of reliable materials and you don’t really have to worry about it being damaged easily. You can rest assured because it will decorate your desk or your table.