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Mechanical Hatchling Steampunk 11cm


  • SKU:U3825K8
  • Weight:0.33kg
  • Material:Polyresin
  • Barcode:801269124717
  • Packaging:Brown Box

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Another very beautiful for your ornament collection is the mechanical hatchling steampunk. This ornament is the most beautiful and attractive to look at. Having this will make you feel like you’re in a dragon movie. The look of it is so adventurous yet so beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to have something like this? It is the most beautiful looking dragon that we have seen.


  • Absolutely ethereal and fascinating
  • Very attractive appearance with intricate and innovative work
  • Can be added to your collection of ornaments and can be used as a decoration piece. You can put it anywhere in your house and trust us that your house will look one of a kind.
  • Light in weight and very affordable
  • Genuine piece of ornament

Weight: 0.33 kg

Material: polyresin

Packaging: brown box