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Mechanical Cephalopod Octopus Wine Glass Goblet 18.5cm


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  • SKU:U4463N9
  • Weight:0.5kg
  • Material:Resin w/stainless steel insert
  • Barcode:801269131340
  • Packaging:Brown Box
  • Mechanical Octopus Goblet
  • Carefully cast in resin and beautifully hand-painted.
  • Size 18.5cm

Home decor has specialised in the production of one of a kind ancient and dramatic ornaments. It’s hard to find such things these days, but home decor makes life so much easier and convenient. Not to mention, home decor manages to add a lot of fascination into our lives with it’s amazing ornaments. Another amazing ornament that we are going to talk about is the mechanical cephalopod octopus wine glass. Now isn’t the name intriguing? This is wine glass that looks like the one you must have seen in harry potter! This is definitely very dreamy! These are the most fascinating wine glasses you will probably ever come acrossFeatures

  • Most beautiful looking wine glasses
  • It is hand painted and made out of pure poly resin.
  • The size is considerable and the glass is very handy.
  • These look really innovative and obviously very attractive.
  • Best for people who are Harry Potter fans.
  • This will add up perfectly to your ornament collection.


Weight: 0.5 kg

Material: polyresin

Packaging: brown box

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