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Dracus Machina Large Steampunk Dragon 31cm


  • SKU:U2930H7
  • Weight:1.600000kg
  • Material:Polyresin
  • Barcode:801269115609

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Are you a fan of dragons? If yes, Dracus Machina Large Steampunk Dragon is going to be your dream figurine. Dragons have always been those creatures that have fascinated us and intrigued us. Most of us have a passion of collecting these figurines and decorating our walls or tables with them. This steampunk dragon figurine is unlike any other figurine in terms of design, material, and quality.
It is cast in the finest and most reliable resin that before being hand-painted. When we talk about its appearance, the figurine is standing on all fours and the dragon is made up of sturdy and shining steel plates. In addition to it, bronze machinery seems to extend all over the body and both gears and cogs are exposed. Meanwhile, scales on tail and legs indicate a biological component. It is worth noting that red rivets hold the iron wings together and the half face is covered by brass cybernetic enhancements. It can easily be said that this figurine is the perfect gift for any person who is interested in steampunk styles. This alternative dragon figurine is capable of adding value to your figurine collection.