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Dracus Horologium Steampunk Dragon Wall Clock 27.5cm


  • SKU:U4770P9
  • Weight:0.875000kg
  • Material:Polyresin
  • Barcode:801269134624
  • Packaging:Brown Box

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Do you want to make your wall look cool? You can just use the Dracus Horologium Steampunk Wall Clock. Unlike your traditional wall clocks, this wall clock is an epitome of style and cool design. It is complete with coils, screws, gears, and cogs. You might think that looking at the wall and seeing your old clock has become quite boring. In fact, you might even be thinking of replacing it. What better option than to replace it with a steampunk styled wall clock.
If you look at the wall clock, you will see that the clock is protectively guarded with a dragon. It has brass rivets and golden cogs. A fascinating thing is that the talons of dragon are curled around the clock as if to protect it from any threat. It is cast in high-quality and reliable resin before it is hand-painted. You can hang it on any wall you want. In order to change the battery, you just need to pull clock face out and then turn over for revealing the battery compartment. It is quite a simple process and you can then easily replace the battery.