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Dracus Birota Steampunk Dragon Motorcycle. 29cm


  • SKU:U4531N9
  • Weight:0.760000kg
  • Material:Polyresin
  • Barcode:801269132026
  • Packaging:Brown Box

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If you are a fan of steampunk technology and artefacts, you should definitely check out Dracus Birota Steampunk Dragon Motorcycle. It is a cool artefact that takes you right into the steampunk genre and whenever you glance at it, you are reminded of the amazing steampunk technology that you have only seen in movies and other comics. But now, you can observe it far closer than ever before. Steampunk Dragon Motorcycle is cast in the finest resin available. Casted in resin, it is hand-painted and it has a unique design.
The whole figurine stands on two wheels and the bike seems to feature a large dragon head in the middle of handle bars. In addition to it, golden machinery tends to extend over the body and gears and cogs are exposed. Meanwhile, scales over the back indicate a unique biological component. It is a perfect gift for any friend who is interested in unique designs and fiction. Or if you are a fan of steampunk fiction, you should definitely check it out. It is made up of durable material which means you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily.