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Baphomet Sabatic Goat Diety Door Knocker 20.5cm


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  • SKU:B4474N9
  • Weight:0.480000kg
  • Material:Polyresin
  • Barcode:801269131456
  • Packaging:White Box

Door knocker are trending now days and the main thing about using door knockers is that they attract the doors very much and they give a stylish look to the doors. There are different kind of door knockers are there in the market and the most important thing about the door knockers is that they are made of metal that will give a heavy sound but not irritating.

We have introduced Baphomet Sabatic Goat Deity Door Knocker 20.5 cm that is not only stylish but also very attractive and gives a balastic and interesting sound. This will give stylish look at your doors as well.