Are you a dragons lover? Are you looking for something unique to embrace? Having Dragon home decorations isn’t a common fashion at all. But this charm comes with a price and that price is finding and selecting the perfect decoration to beautify your household. It would be quite challenging and perplexing for you to find that one dragon piece to quench your thirst. But you won’t have to worry anymore. Best Home Decor is now listing top-notch home dragon decorations. All these fantasy themed items are genuine and made with top-quality materials. In this article, we are going to list top 10 Dragon Home Decorations for your home or to gift a loved one. Let’s the dragons fulfill your desire.

1. Year of the Magical Dragon (AS) 30 CM – £51.99

The Year of the Magical Dragon decoration isn’t something ordinary at all. It tops our list because of its unique looks and vintage impressions. This artifact would surely blow your mind. If you are a dragon lover – then you’ve been dreaming of this amazing relic. The Year of the Magical Dragon decoration piece is made up of durable polyresin.  On touch, this artifact gives an ancient and deep sensation. The Year of the Magical Dragon (AS) weighs around 2.7KG. It’s a hand-painted decoration piece and gives a more in-depth and dense look. The centric wheel symbolizes different chief solar events of the year. This unimaginably strong-looking artifact is surely something to go for. It costs only £51.99 but worthy of millions for dragons fan.

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2. Emerald Chronology 26.7 CM – £21.99

Fantasize the fast travel of time with this magical clock.  A clock that is protected by a mighty dragon with beasty talons, a nd spikes. A person who fantasizes about both time & dragons – would surely love to have this magnificent-looking artifact. A clock being defended by a mighty dragon is an actual sight – isn’t it? Dragon’s wings defend the hands of the clock. Having this at your side-table or walled-in front of your bed would surely mesmerize your every second of seeing it. High-quality resin is cast on this magnificent artifact ahead of being meticulously hand-painted magnifying any wall you loved to put it on. This alluring emerald clock made up of POLYRESIN can add a wonderful collection to any dragon lover costing only £21.99. These vine glasses are only for classy people. You could imagine the beauty and antiqueness of it – only once you are holding them in your hands.

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3. Dragons Devotion Goblets 18.5 CM (Set of 2) – £34.99

The Dragons Devotion Goblets isn’t just an artifact but it symbolizes the promise of love. These magnificent dragon goblets are an ideal summation to any lovely fantasy, embellished with the perplexing silver delineate ascending from the metallic base to the stainless-steel edge. These Dragons Devotion Goblets show the devotion of love to each other making it a breathtaking artifact for the lovers. The painstakingly sculpted Goblets is framed just as some dreadful Red Dragon. The most alluring part of this artifact is that red gemstone at its heart making it an eye-catching piece. The Goblets are cautiously hand-painted; cast in the finest resin giving it a more mesmerizing effect. By pairing those Goblets, they form the shape of a heart ideal for imparting to your soul mate.

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4. Volcanic Victory 25.7CM – £25.99

The Volcanic Victory isn’t some ordinary artifact; it shows the appearance of the molten volcano.  On an emitting fountain of volcano roosts a brutal red-winged serpent riotous in triumph. All other creatures take flight as this ferocious beast takes its legitimate spot at the crust of the erupting volcano. The chest, horns, and claws of this fierce dragon have gold accents imprinted. This mesmerizing artifact shows the wrath, agony, power, and dominance. The volcano is encircled by the ring of fire making it more breathtaking. The dragon seems to protect its fiery home by its mighty horns. After being hand-painted, it is cast in the finest resin making it something strong-looking to be at your place. For any dragon lovers, this seems to be a perfect addition to their collection. This enchanting artifact costs just £25.99 that is nothing in return for it. Having this artifact at your home is surely a class! Who doesn’t like a volcanic and gigantic dragon at his or her home. Buying this product may cost less pounds but the comfort coming with it is purely priceless.

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5. Take Flight Embossed Purse 18.5CM – £19.99

The Flight Embossed Purse is a lovely purse specially designed for dragon lovers. This beautiful purse is an on-demand product as it gives the aura of an ancient era. As the dragons have always been fascinating creatures and always grabs the attention of fantasy lovers, always consider treasure holders as of now you can also possess your piece of this mystical legend with our Take Flight Purse. This beautiful artefact also holds an enchanting Red Dragon, with its enormous wings covering its sides in a mode manner. However, the wings are detached to open the cardholder space! Virtuoso! , this handbag has different openings for holding the two cards, money, and coins, canvassed in embossed Baroque plans. This purse consists of a spacious zipped coin compartment making it a handy product. This artefact is surely worthy of something that anyone wants to possess.

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6. Triple Trouble 8CM – £10.99

The Triple Trouble is an enchanting artifact consists of a set of three beautiful dragons.  Accessible from Nemesis Now’s ALATOR giftware assortment, this threesome of hatchlings makes the ideal expansion to any home! The Triple Trouble artifact is made up of POLYRESIN. Every dragon is a light green tone with differentiating purple low- lights giving it a soothing effect. Each of the postures in an alternate manner besides some lying down or others in a sitting pretense. The Triple Trouble Dragons consists of amazingly striking orange eyes that seek you for direction and assurance while their mouths are twisted into a curious smile. The artifact is so mesmerizing that it adds charm to any home. The artifact is hand-painted and as well cast in the finest resin giving it a more ancient aura. This enchantingly lovable Dragon set may also prove to an ideal present to any of the mystical Dragon lovers.

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7. Kingdom of The Dragon Chess Set 43CM – £49.99

The Kingdom of the Chess Set isn’t just a random chess set as the same it possesses a classy appearance. Adversary now is pleased to present you this extremely Fantasy Gothic Chess Set, accessible as a piece of our top-notch giftware range. This adorable Kingdom of the Chess set looks like the two virtuous armies are going head to head against one another. This mystical Chess set is giving the aura of nobility. One is bronze and one silver, yet both field a noteworthy cluster of Dragons, officers, and strongholds. The base of the Chess Set is of glass designed as the battlefield, held off the ground by four pinnacles. The corner towers of the Chess Set present an extremely enchanting way of the battlefield. The Set is cast in the finest resin as well as it is expertly hand-painted. This Chess Set is a remarkable way of challenging your Fantasy-cherishing companions to a clash of brains and strategies. It will be an ideal piece for chess lovers.

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8. Obsidian Tankard 17.5CM – £25.99


Our in-house design team provides its best wild creativity; this Gothic Dragon Tankard is now accessible. This beautifully crafted silver Dragon Tankard is so breathtaking that any artifact lover would love to have it in its collection to make its place more enchanting. The artifact consists of a pewter-colored monster that sticks to a Celtic cross on each side of the vessel. The keen agonizing eyes of the dragon are gazing forward bestowing the artifact with an intense look.  Behind the dragon, the base is canvassed in a luxurious twirl design, clutching the huge cross handle, the tail of the monster loops around studded with ruby red gemstones. This breathtaking Dragon Tankard is cast in the finest resin after hand-painted. This tankard is ideal for those who are enthusiastically mystical creature lovers. It would be a perfect addition to any kitchen.

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9. Crescent Slumber 20.7CM – £12.99

The Crescent Slumber is a beautiful artifact that is so magnificent and stunning that this would surely overwhelm your mind. This artifact appears to be on our top-notch list because of its unique looks. This artifact appears as a lazy dim green Dragon that rests on top of the yellow Crescent Moon. The Dragon seems to be so peacefully quiet that it gives the artifact an admirable and spectacular smooth look. The Dragon wraps its wings off each side presenting the sight of its holding to the Moon’s surface with its claws and tail. The artifact is cast in a fine resin after being expertly hand-painted giving it a more detailed look. The artifact is a hanging Crescent Moon that will be ideal for any Lunar or Dragon fans. This incredible quiet-looking artifact is something that one would love to go for it.

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10. Mercury Guardian 22.5CM – £34.99


The Mercury Guardian artifact is so mesmerizing artifact that it gives the aura of spirituality. This shrewd blue mythical beast is the profound protector of Mercury. The planet measured winged serpent folds itself over the ice blue planet shielding it from any risk that the universe tosses at it. The savage mythical beast’s wings are angled, giving a defensive safeguard, with its tail sticking to the outside of the planet. The Mercury Guardian artifact seems like it is sworn to protect the Solar System. The enormous winged Dragon looks like it is guarding it by grasping the spherical planet, Mercury. This breathtaking blue piece of art is cast in its finest resign after its lovingly hand-painted making it more enchanting. This artifact is a boom to every art lover.

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