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The individual is an essentially spiritual being who is experiencing a physical experience here on Earth. If you want to be at peace with yourself you have the right to freely choose a religion or spiritual path for your life. Perhaps you are an atheist or the religion in which you grew up does not satisfy you spiritually. One day you discover the Wicca religion, which is a set of pagan beliefs full of wisdom that are in harmony with nature. This valuable knowledge satisfies your inner self and you decide to become a Wiccan. The path that leads you to become a Wiccan is a beautiful apprenticeship that will make you evolve spiritually.

Here is all you need to know to become a Wiccan.


1-To be clear about the principles of the Wicca religion

Before becoming a Wiccan you must understand the basic principles concerning the Wiccan religion. This belief is duotheistic, as they believe in the existence of the Great Goddess and the Great Witch God. These two deities reflect the same female-male polarity. These are the two main deities of the Wiccan religion, but there are also other minor gods, since Wicca is a polytheistic religion.


2-Adopting these beliefs

To become a Wiccan you must adopt certain beliefs with which you must agree in order to walk this spiritual path.

-Worship nature and its phenomena.

-To adopt the Triple Law. This belief asserts that everything you do comes back to you in triplicate. That is why one should never harm others.

-Morality and truth are two relative ideas, therefore each contribution must be valued.

-Wiicca practices magic by manipulating nature to achieve certain goals.

-The Wicca religion has no hierarchy in its structure, so all rituals are celebrated in a circle.

-This religion believes in equality between men and women, since both energies are part of nature.


3-Reading and studying

To become a Wiccan you must read and study everything you can about this wonderful cult. You already know what this religion is all about and the beliefs you must assimilate to become a Wiccan. Now you must continue studying to deepen your knowledge about this religion. This will help you to apply the basic principles of this cult in your daily life.


4-Dare to practice magick

Once you have deepened your knowledge of the Wiccan cult, you should be encouraged to practice magick. This wonderful religion offers hundreds of rituals for you to practice. These rituals are for you to learn how to manipulate nature and earthly reality according to your will. Complement your magical works by participating in Wiccan ceremonies which will strengthen your bond with this belief.


5-Be an ethical Wiccan

Once you are already practicing Wiccan magick and rituals you should always keep in mind the ethics of this cult. Your magical works must be intended to do good. The Wiccan religion does not harm or curse people. Remember that everything you do comes back to you multiplied three times. That is why you must always do good. Once you are a Wiccan you must be responsible for your magical practices and the bonds you establish with others. Therefore, you are an adult individual and you know what you are exposed to. Just be honest.


6-Choose the deities to worship

The Wiccan religion is polytheistic, therefore they have many deities to worship. You should choose the deities according to the degree of affinity you feel for them. Study your chosen deities and establish a strong bond with them for life. You will see that these deities will reveal themselves to you and your life will change forever. Keep your mind open and allow these deities to transform your earthly reality for the better.


7-Hold a self-dedication ceremony

Once you have decided to become a Wiccan, it is advisable to perform a self-dedication ceremony to strengthen the bond you have with this religion. There are several ways to celebrate this ceremony, just choose the one you like the most. This is an excellent opportunity to worship your deities and manifest your love for them.


8-Take an oath of confidentiality

A Wiccan has the duty to take an oath of confidentiality to protect the wisdom of this religion. This oath protects the identity of the believer, and the rituals and secrets concerning this religion. Confidentiality safeguards the privacy of the believers, as many Wiccans have been persecuted for their beliefs throughout history. In addition, preserving the secrets of this religion protects the power of its rituals. In this way the magical virtues of the rituals are reserved only for Wiccans.


9-Connect with other Wiccans

The Wiccan religion has many followers around the world. You are most likely to find Wiccans in highly populated cities. Once you find other Wiccans, establish a friendship with them so that together you can walk this spiritual path. Sharing experiences deepens your connection to the Wiccan cult. Keep in mind that many Wiccans do not speak openly about their beliefs, so be subtle in your approach.

10-Participate in a coven

The Wiccan religion requires a year and a day of studies to accept an individual as a member of that community. If you meet this requirement you can participate in a coven. However, some Wiccan communities do not accept new members, so you should look for a community that does. Covens are gatherings for Wiccans to share new experiences with each other and to learn more about the cult.

11-Be clear on what Wicca is NOT

The Wicca religion is known all over the world, although its fame sometimes generates misunderstandings. This cult is not a set of witchcraft to harm others nor is it against Christianity. The Wiccan religion is not against any religion, never was and never will be. To be a Wiccan it is not necessary to behave in a specific way or dress in a certain style. Anyone can follow this cult as long as they follow responsible ethics.

Final conclusion

Become a Wiccan to love nature and always be in harmony with the Good.