What octopus reminds you? Wellbeing a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean it always reminds me of “Davy Jones”. It was not just Davy Jones or Dead Man’s Chest Ursula from Disney sea and Doc Oc from Spiderman are among other octopus-themed villains. It is true that the octopus was a monster inspiration in history, literature, drama and film. This cephalopod family member also symbolized creepy and mysterious sea creatures. 

However, there are a lot of positive things about octopus including World Octopus Day which is celebrated on the 8th of October every year. Now you might understand the need to find an octopus theme gift. You can gift on International Octopus day to fight for the rights of this Cephalopod while another idea is to gift these items to a sea-life lover friend of yours. But wait let me help you deep dive into the octopus’ world as you might want to share these awesome facts with your friend.  The below are some fun facts about Octopus!

  1. Octopus originated from Greek “oktopus” meaning eight foot and the plural of octopus is octopuses.
  2. Never ask a woman her life and a man his salary but there is no such restriction about octopus. We can look into its age by means of fossils. And do you know the age of the earliest known octopus fossil? Well, it is from the carboniferous period of about 296 million years before and is on display in Field Museum Chicago. They are older than pre-dinosaur reptiles.
  3. Octopuses possess 3 hearts two of which keep clearing blood from their gills while the one is in charge of blood circulation in the body.
  4. Swimming exhausts them. Because one of the octopus’ hearts stops beating while swimming. That’s why they prefer crawling.
  5. Octopuses are not dumb. Not out they were stated as dumb in literature from 350 BC but the research proved that they can solve puzzles and can navigate mazes.
  6. We talked about octopuses’ mental abilities. But do you know more than two-third of octopuses’ neurons exist in their arms rather than the whole brain in the head? Thus their hands are able to perform individual functions rather than focusing on what the octopus is doing. Arms can feel pain even when cut off from the body.
  7. Octopuses’ ink is more than just a hiding strategy as it also harms the attacker and makes it regret his decision. Tyrosinase from their ink cause blindness ceased sense of smell and taste and even death.
  8. Even an octopus can die in case of failure in escaping from his ink cloud.
  9. Their blood is copper-based rather than iron thus their blood is blue. This blood attribute makes them survive in extremely low-temperature waters by keeping the oxygen supply intact.
  10. Octopuses die shortly after mating. They practice external fertilization. Several male hands their sperms to female which she accepts in her right hand and die after that. Moreover, female octopuses can lay more than 400,000 eggs. Female octopus guards their eggs even if they have to stay hungry. She also dies of cataract cell death after egg hatching.
  11. East Asia, Greece, United States and Spain love to eat octopuses and North and West Africa are the major supplier of edible octopuses to the world. However, Koreans ranked first in octopus consumption. Increasing demand is affecting their population in seas.

Now we know enough to at least get inspired by the octopus. Let me suggest to you some awesome octopus’ figurines gift your friends or for yourself.

1. Octopus Squid Bottle and Shot Glass Holder

Even though it is 2.52 kg in weight, this tall and narrow glass bottle is an awesome 40cm piece. It is punctuated by a small stopper, from which an acrobatic display of writhing claws is unleashed. The base is a plain sandstone with a sizeable octopus bumping up against it, its claws wrapping tightly around it and hiking up the edges of the structure. Two of the wiggling arms and legs have come loose and formed coils that serve as minuscule shot glass tables on the side. More or less every shot glass is adorned with a small octopus on the side of the glass. Intricately handcrafted from high-quality resin prior to meticulously hand-painted in bronze, the frame of this deep-sea decanter is ideal to have in your personal collection or to give to a friend’s bar.


MaterialResin and Glass
Buy HereOctopus Squid Bottle and Shot Glass Holder 40cm

2. Octonium Bookends

This 2kg heavy bronzed set of bookends would be an incredible asset to the conference room of any technologically inclined sorcerer or enthusiast. It measures 26.5cm in length. This skull, which is designed to look straight up, is made of layers of welded metal that is dressed in pipes, gauges, gears, and screws. The two halves of this empty vessel skull, which have been split down the middle, can be used to prop up your favorite novels on any shelf they are placed on. A set of mechanically augmented tentacles is fastened to the underside of the cranium, which grips the metallic surface beneath it. This set of bookends, which was cast in premium resin prior to finishing it in a brassy bronze, would make an exceptional gift for any scientist friend of yours who loves steampunk style.


Buy HereOctonium Bookends 26.5cm

3. Steampunk Octopus Squid Figurine

Purchasing this 0.78kg figurine for a steampunk enthusiast friend of yours will be a wonderful gift. It measures 15cm in height and has been cast in the premium resin prior to giving it a bronze finish by hand-painting to complete the look. This octopus, which is sitting vertically on twirling tentacles which is dressed in a brass helmet that has been custom-fitted to its head, with eyes crossing through bronze glass panels. This figurine will give a look as if the octopus decided to leave the sea and is in an endeavor to explore the land. Be a pioneer to welcome it to your home.

Buy HereSteampunk Octopus Squid Figurine 15cm


4. James Ryman Green Cthulhu Skull Figurine Ornament

This 20cm figurine, which weighs 1.12kg and was solely designed by Nemesis, measures 1.12kg. The artist behind this piece is James Ryman, who is well-known throughout the world for his gothic and fantasy artwork. The Cthulhu art of James Ryman, on the other hand, is expressive in this monstrous skull. It looks like a human octopus towering over people and is hundreds of meters tall. With flappy human-looking limbs, as well as a pair of cursory wings on his edge, it should come as no surprise that Lovecraft’s worships this creature. Rather than being alive, the mighty deity has perished, his skin having rotted away, leaving behind a menacing tentacled cranium. This piece, which was cast in premium resin prior to lovingly hand-painted, would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves classic horror cinema.

Buy HereJames Ryman Green Cthulhu Skull Figurine Ornament 20cm

5. Steampunk Octopus Squid Wall Clock

This steampunk octopus squid wall clock is best to update your style statement. Unlike your typical clock, this one has a fully different look and feel. Rather than being cast in reliable resin, this clockwork cephalopod is hand-painted in bronze color. If we look at it from the outside, it appears to be waiting on dry land. The stubby head of the octopus has been incorporated with a large clock face made of brass, which has been textured with pipes and rivets to give it a more realistic appearance. Moreover, a pair of brass goggles tend to conceal two menacing eyes that stare unblinkingly at the wearer without blinking. Small screws and gears are embedded throughout the entire body.   Underneath these screws are eight wiggling tentacles that look like suffocating a victim.  The statement that this figurine is ideal for anyone who enjoys steampunk fiction would not be incorrect in this case. You can gift it to anyone who enjoys marine life and is mystified by the steampunk genre, and it will be appreciated. Besides, replacing the batteries is a straightforward process. It comes in brown box packaging

PackagingBrown Box
Buy HereSteampunk Clock – Octoclock 26cm

6. Vessel of the Deep Steampunk Octopus Squid Wine Goblet

Do you think that the something mentioning wine goblet is limiting the gifting possibilities as only wine lovers will adore it? In that case, you are wrong. This high-quality ornamental wine goblet will be appreciated equally by both a wine lover, by a steampunk style lover, in-fact the quality will be made anyone appreciate this gift. Intricate detailing made this look fascinating. As an ornament, this 0.57kg in weight and 17cm in size goblet come in a color box packaging

MaterialResin w/stainless steel insert
PackagingColour Box
Buy HereVessel of the Deep Steampunk Octopus Squid Wine Goblet 19cm

7. Cthulhu’s Thirst Goblet Lovecraft Octopus Monster Wine Glass

This goblet weighs 0.38kg and is made of premium resin over stainless steel, which gives it a luxurious appearance. In order to facilitate cleaning, the inner section of this ornamental goblet is made of stainless steel and can be easily removed. This goblet was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. The hand-painted vintage appearance will complement any collection.

MaterialResin w/stainless steel insert
Buy HereCthulhu’s Thirst Goblet Lovecraft Octopus Monster Wine Glass

8. Mechanical Cephalopod Octopus Wine Glass Goblet

This 0.5 kg goblet is a one-of-a-kind ancient and dramatic ornament that is difficult to find. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find items that are both cutting-edge and elegant at the same time. It is hand-painted and made of premium pure poly resin, which is a high-quality material. The size is substantial, and the glass is extremely convenient. These appear to be extremely innovative, as well as visually appealing. This will be a perfect addition to your ornament collection, or the collection of a friend of yours. It measures 18.5cm in height and is packaged in a brown cardboard box.

MaterialResin w/stainless steel insert
PackagingBrown Box
Buy HereMechanical Cephalopod Octopus Wine Glass Goblet 18.5cm

9. Cthulhu’s Call Squid Octopus Box


This 1.2kg anthropoid squid box has been hand-painted in a dull silver finish. The ornament was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s novella The Call of Cthulhu. The material is high-quality resin, and the size is 19cm. Cthulhu can be seen in a more infantile state, sitting on his knees and hanging his knees with his hard, thin fingers. His limbs arc and curl down to his trunk as he glares ominously at the audience. This figure, which was cast in the finest resin prior to hand-painting, comprises a clandestine compartment that can only be exposed when the figure’s head is detached. This is the ideal location to hide your precious. It will also serve best as a decent gift for a friend who is not much into the horror genre.

Buy HereCthulhu’s Call Squid Octopus Box 19cm

10. Devoured Ornament Octopus Tentacle Skull Figurine

Its 1.22kg white skull figurine has to wriggle vibrant red tentacles emerging from it, twisting out of the hollow spaces and poking holes via the cranium, even though it is shattered and faded. This reformer of the horrifying and the bizarre, cast in the premium resin before meticulously hand-painting. It is a splendid primary interface for any coffee table, regardless of whether it observes Euclidian geometry. This 24.5cm figurine is ideal for giving as a gift to a friend who enjoys the horror or steampunk subgenres.

Buy HereDevoured Ornament Octopus Tenctacle Skull Figurine 24.5cm


Octopus belongs to the Cephalopod family with 3 hearts multiple tentacles and a lumpy head. It dominates the depths of the sea with blue drops of blood in his veins. We talked about some fun facts about octopus and I suggested some best quality octopus-themed figurines for you to gift your friends. Until now you might get the idea from where octopus entered to style and gift genre. No! It’s ok I can clearly state it for you. The most famous octopus’ character is H.P. Love Craft’s Cthulhu. Not out before and after this fantasy work a lot was written and filmed but this character is considered the most important octopus’s character. The other, my personal favorite, you guessed right “Davy Jones”. Like these ever-green characters, the above-mentioned figurines will be ever-green gifts for your friends and family. So, this World Octopus Day do not forget to get your hands on these affordable adorable pieces. Best of Luck! Keep Visiting!